With an EZPZ approach, a custom sleep plan, and a committed family, a happy sleeper emerges. A sleep guru is here to help guide parents who have tried everything to get their little one to sleep.


A sleeping baby is a beautiful thing! In the initial weeks after birth, babies may be fussy or agitated outside of the womb, this is normal behavior as they navigate their new surroundings. In the efforts to sooth and comfort our little ones as they get bigger, we lose sight of what is a healthy sleep sign and what needs intervention. It is important to realize that sleep is one of the most important life skills to ensure proper growth and healthy development. This is where a sleep guru comes in.

With over twenty years of experience helping babies find their way to better sleep, EZPZ's mission is to ensure a smooth transition to new parenting, end sleepless nights and to support parents through their journey. As babies get older sleep changes, patterns change, babies change, and parents want to know what to do to help their babies transition.

A healthy and structured beginning will be the groundwork for a fun, loving and healthy family. Although it is never too late to help your baby love sleep, we encourage you to discover your happy sleeper sooner...rather than later.

Infant sleep is not just a dream,

it is a necessity.



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