Cristie was born to work with babies (and their parents). She has a natural calming effect on our whole family. She is reliable, enthusiastic and truly loves what she does. It is obvious our little girls feel safe and loved when they are with her. She has changed our quality of life by helping us navigate the enormous life change that comes with having a baby (not to mention two). My husband and I would recommend Cristie whole-heartly to anyone with babies, children and sleepless nights. She is a rare find.
— Jennie T. mom of twin girls
My boy/girl twins were sleeping and eating at different times, I was up all night, and was completely sleep deprived. With Cristie’s gentle changes and help, within 2 weeks, both babies slept 12 hours straight at night, and went down easily for daytime naps. My world (& sanity) changed almost overnight. I’ve recommended Cristie to everyone who needs help with their baby’s or twins’ feeding or sleeping issues. We love Cristie!!
— Holly B. mom of boy/girl twins
Cristie saved my family’s sanity! We contacted Cristie when our twin girls were 5 months old, we were beyond exhausted, our girls were not able to soothe themselves to sleep, they were still sleeping in our room and we were surviving on about 2-3 hours of sleep a night. She came to us with a game plan and gave us the tools to “teach” our babies how to sleep. We started on her plan the next night, within 4 nights our girls were soothing themselves to sleep in their cribs without crying and were sleeping through the night within 7 nights! This was literally life changing for all of us, my husband and I were rested and better parents, and our girls were SO much happier!
— Kristin M. mom of girl twins
I am a single mom of twins and Cristie is a life saver. She is full of expertise and knowledge. She got my twins sleeping through the night at 5 months. What an amazing gift of sleep to a single mom. Love this girl.
— Melissa S. mom of boy/girl twins
Cristie was wonderful. I am not sure how we would have made it through Aaron’s first few months without her. With Cristie’s help he was sleeping through the night at 5 months and is still the best sleeper (at night) in daycare a year later!
— Brenna L. mom of baby boy
We were so lucky to have found Cristie 4 years ago when we brought home our twin girls. She would arrive every evening with a calm and happy demeanor and would almost instantly have the girls soothed and our stress levels down. I had a hard time thinking of letting anyone to take care of my new babies through the night, but with Cristie it was a welcome relief. Beyond her night care, she was a great resource for us in the first months of parenting and worked with us to ensure we had good sleep habits right out of the gates. Because of her instruction we were able to have the girls sleeping very well through the night by around 12 weeks, setting great sleep habits for their future. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s because of her we enjoyed it and can still look back on that time fondly.
— Kelly O. mom of girl twins
My boy/girl twins are happy, delightful babies 90% of the that they are finally rested. I was so hesitant they could follow a new sleep plan, or that I could do it, but having twins is now a breeze. Cristie has seriously changed my life by teaching me what I needed to know to get these babies to sleep! And her follow-up support has been so helpful. I really can’t stress enough how thankful I am! I feel like there is a definite before and after in regards to eating, sleeping and overall happiness. Lifesaver. I so appreciate Cristie!
— Kelsey W. mom of boy/girl twins